CBD and Massages - Upgrade?

CBD and massages is a thing. There are spa's that offer the treatment, and there are also a number of CBD lotions and oils that treat, muscle, joint and even arthritic pain. So, wouldn't it make sense that CBD and Massages would work well together?

Here's what we think about CBD and Massages:

We're not medical experts, and we can only speak to our experience regarding CBD and Massages. Also, we can only speak to the products we've actually used.

We LOVE the combination of CBD topicals and Massages. What could be better? We've tested the products we sell, and we stand by them, because they've worked for our team.You need to test products, find the one that's right for you, because, not all products are created equal, and not all endocanibinoid systems are either.

Find something you like, and get that massage! It will probably help with your pain, relieve stress, and of course allow you to relax for a while. Win, WIN!

Here's a bit from a post we found online recently:

Should you upgrade your massage with CBD oil?

What can CBD skin treatments do for you? Some research seems to indicate that applying CBD to the skin might be effective.

A study of mice with arthritis found that CBD gel reduced joint swelling, and may relieve pain and inflammation. And research focused on rheumatic diseases says that using cannabis to treat joint pain should be taken seriously.

Many massage therapists are convinced that CBD-based treatments bring pain relief to their clients, and a long list of spas are adding the service to their offerings.

You can read more on the Considerable website.

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