February, The Month of SELF Love!

So, we don’t know about you guys, but we’re tired of thinking of everyone else first. It’s a never ending job. Be kind to the people at work, don’t be assertive (or what others call abrasive), do all the things for your family, and remember to be romantic for your spouse.

Like WTF? Really? When are we supposed to celebrate ourselves? Without feeling guilty about it? Or, without making us feel like we’re not doing enough for others?

We say F@*$! It! Screw Valentine’s day, and let’s turn February into SELF LOVE MONTH! Perhaps we can even celebrate Gal-entine’s day too!

Here are some great things to help you get into that loving space, with YOURSELF!

  1. Enjoy a few bubble baths. Like why not? LOCK everyone, including the dog out of the washroom and get that water to the perfect temperature. Get those bubbles going and DIVE IN (well, not DIVE, more like step in … Diving would be dangerous)!
  2. Instead of considering uncomfortable lingerie that your partner will see for like… 2 seconds, why not buy a new comfy sports bra, and leggings for that yoga class you want to check out? I mean… it is a bra right? And they are pretty right?
  3. Remove the stress of the day to day with some CBD infused tea, or perhaps some CBD in your tea (we have some recommendations if you’re interested) (Link to Lagom)
  4. Get pampered! Seriously, get your hair did, get your nails did, and just do something that will make you feel good about you!
  5. Did someone say vacation? It doesn’t have to be a trip to another city, or country, you could pretend to be a tourist in your own city. It’s a great way to do all the things you keep SAYING you’re going to, but life gets in the way. Book a hotel for you and the girls, get tickets to a musical or show, make reservations at that amazing resto that just opened, and DO YOU!

Wouldn’t it be great to feel as good as this gorgeous person looks? This Instagram image is what truly inspired our instagram post, and now this blog post.

Let’s make this entire month about caring for ourselves. Creating new healthy habits, treating more than just our symptoms, and getting to the roots of our issues. Taking time for ourselves, removing the negativity and living in the now are all great ways to love ourselves.

Repeat after us: I am AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, FUN, SMART, I AM ENOUGH! I am all the things I want to be.

Time to issue a challenge!

We challenge all of our followers to post their best #IAmEnough selfie on instagram, include our #LivYourTrueSelf Hashtag, follow us and tag us on Instagram!

We will repost your pictures to our story!

It's time to reclaim February.

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