CBD Helps Gold Medalists too!

Another great read! We found this article recently, and thought we should seriously share.

CBD Helps Gold Medalists too! 

Working though life is tough. We deal with stress, anxiety and pain, both mental and physical. Who would know these challenges better than an olympic or professional athlete?

With every competition they need to overcome the stress, and axiety of competing. With every practice, they have to teal with the physical pain, and physical stress of their training journey.

So, when we came across this article we knew we had to share. Not just as an "inspiration" piece but also an education piece. It's important to know you're not the only one considering CBD or actually using CBD. It's time to remove the stigma.

In this story Amy Van Dyken shares her very real struggle with an injury post ATV accident.

6-Time Olympic Gold Medalist Amy Van Dyken Talks CBD For Pain: 'I Can't Explain It But The Stuff Really Works'

Read More about Amy's story here

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