HOW MUCH CBD SHOULD I TAKE? Try The LivWave CBD Dosage Calculator!

We’re having conversations with so many people about CBD, and the one question that keeps coming up is “How much CBD should I take?”, and the answer is … complicated.

Everyone is different.

Just like medications, CBD can affect individuals in different ways.

It’s for this reason, we’ve created a simple and easy to use CBD Dosage Calculator.

What is a CBD dosage Calculator

A CBD dosage calculator is just what it sounds like. It’s a calculator that takes many elements into consideration and is able to formulate a recommended amount for your specific needs.

Why Use a Dosage Calculator

There are a number of reasons someone would want to use a dosage calculator:

  • You’ve never used CBD, and don’t know where to start
  • You’ve tried CBD, but haven’t quite figured out if you’re taking too much or too little
  • There is a specific issue that you want to address and are wondering where they should start

How to use LivWaves Dosage Calculator

Step 1:

Add your name to the text field

Step 2:

Choose the severity of your condition. The options are:

  • Mild - It’s not so bad
  • Moderate - I have trouble throughout the day
  • Severe - FML, doing anything is difficult

Step 3:

How many ML’s is in the bottle of CBD that you’re planning on using? Just look at the bottle and it’s volume should be clearly stated. For example, most CBD tinctures / drops are typically 30 mls.

Step 4:

How many MG’s of CBD are there in your bottle or container. This number is also found on the bottle.

Step 5:

Add your weight in pounds! That’s it, the calculator has already done the work. The calculator provides your recommendations in three ways:

  • Your required daily dose of CBD
  • How many drops of product you’ll need
  • And, the amount in MLs

You’re basically receiving the answer to your dosage needs in three different ways.

In the first answer, we’re defining how many MG’s of CBD you’ll need. This would be hard to calculate for the beginner, and even more advanced users.

The second and third points make it easier to understand how you can take your CBD.

In the second point, you can just count drops until you reach the recommended amount.

In the third point, you can draw up the oil / tincture into the dropper, up to the point on the dropper which marks your required dosage.

And there you have it. A really simple way to calculate your CBD dosage needs.

Please note - the recommended dosage is based on daily values. If you're just starting to use CBD products, then we recommend you gradually increase the amount of product you take weekly until you reach your suggested daily dosage. If concerned, please speak with your doctor.

If you have comments or questions, or would like to learn more, send us an email!

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