How To Keep Your Shit Together This Summer

A simple guide to using CBD and other wellness techniques

Ah… summer! It’s a crazy time of year for all of us! There are so many events to organize, and attend: July 4th weekend, birthdays, wedding showers, weddings, engagement parties, and baby showers. The list goes on and on!

Whether attending or organizing a party, there’s often something that will stress us out. Think about all that goes into organizing a party: the guest lists and invitations, choosing a venue, all the set-up, decorations, food and drinks, fun activities and so on. It can take weeks, and a few headaches to get everything ready!

Then there’s attending events, that isn’t easy either. Especially when you have to find the perfect present for a picky mother-in-law. Or, if you’re attending alongside a “frenemy” and you end up having to sit next to them at a dinner table. *insert gag me with a spoon hand sign here:*

No matter if you’re planning a party, or attending one, it’s so important to deal with the stress prior to and during the event. We all want to be at our best, instead of a frazzled mess! Here are four suggestions to help you relax prior to, and during events that you may want to try out!

  1. Give Yourself A Zen Moment - When planning an event, or when getting ready to attend one, give yourself time for a Zen moment. Events can be chaotic. Find clarity in your thoughts while soaking away your sore muscles and troubles. Check out our Relax and Spa collection – it helps to relax and reduce stress, while also detoxifying your body and balancing your senses.
  2. Four-By-Four Breathing - If the Navy SEALS use it to handle stressful situations, why shouldn’t we? After all, popping into your bathroom for a few minutes of breathing exercises may prevent a dreadful, unforgivable World War III with your “monster-in-law”. Crisis averted! And while you’re taking a moment to yourself, consider taking a microdose of non-THC CBD with Tillmans Tranquil Mints. They not only leave you with a super minty fresh breath but also help you feel relaxed and calm. The package is discrete and convenient with 20 mints, that can be easily placed in a purse or pocket.
  3. Take Time Out For A Calming Tea - CBD infused wellness drops can be added to your favorite beverages. Whether you need to relax before your party or during it, you can add a dose of wellness drops to your coffee or tea. Try Hive Wellness Drops in the Honey flavor for a cup of tea, or the Hazelnut flavor for coffee. Nobody will know you’re enjoying the relaxing benefits of CBD oil! Hive’s wellness drops are KETO friendly and use natural ingredients.
  4. Chew Away The Stress - One of the key things I always carry in my purse when I’m attending a party is chewing gum. Why not get a micro-dose of CBD while you’re chewing gum? Pin Chewing Gum gives you a micro-dose of CBD in each piece. It’s much more convenient and discreet than vaping or wellness drops.

We hope we’ve been able to help you find some new products and ways to turn down the stress, while turning up at your events. 

Have you tried any of these products, or is there a product that is your go to? Let us know, we’d love to hear from you!

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