LivWave Answers - “What is Happiness, and how to be happy”

Well, besides being our tag line and the hashtag that shows up in all of our social media posts…

Each one of us on the team has their own idea of what that phrase means, but after reviewing, they are all quite similar.

Liz, Pham, Co-Founder of LivWave had this to say:

For me, Liv Your True Self means being in control of the choices we make in our lives. Not making decisions out of panic, or pressure, but choosing what is best for us in that moment.

Also, it’s about being mindful, living in the moment and understanding that happiness is a journey. This simply means we have to practice not overthinking the future and giving ourselves anxiety and stress over things that haven’t happened. If we are truly living in the moment, then we are not concerning ourselves with what “might” be. We’re focused only on the now. It is a process and understanding that means we also know that happiness, TRUE happiness is a journey.

Now, that we’re working towards our happiness journey, we can do things that help make us genuinely grateful every day by adding a bit of joy, whether it’s your favorite coffee, a quick text to your BFF or even listening to an audiobook during your morning drive, these all examples that you can do to increase your energy, frequency, and happiness.

These things might sound like you would need to establish selfish goals, and you would be right. Being selfish is taking care of yourself and setting goals that will take care of you as well as help you on your journey.

Adding these small daily activities can help you grow towards feeling more like you are “Living Your True Self”, you will find that you are more excited to move towards achieving your goals and reaching your milestones and all the unnecessary will no longer give you stress and anxiety.

Danele Felthman, Co-Founder of LivWave added:

Most people are so busy being busy that they don’t recognize that they’ve put life on autopilot, choosing to react to life instead of making the best of it. It leads to us making excuses about what we can achieve in our lives (Better health, better relationships, and lasting value in the world).

It makes me happy to know that people can make the decision to start living at any time in their lives once they accept who they are now (no matter what got them there) and taking action towards improvement. Living your true self is something you do for you alone, but naturally, improve the world around you through actions taken with intention.

From Christine Panourgias, Marketing LivWave:

Wow. You know, I just figured people would apply their own ideas to the tag line, fully knowing we all had our own ideas of what our awesome tagline means.

For me, it’s a combination of a number of things, that worked together to help me become confident and help me achieve my life goals little by little.

My list includes:

Forgiving myself.

I officially forgive myself for all the things that I have regretted in my past. So many of those things were completely out of my control and actually had nothing to do with me. So, I released them.

Not taking things personally.

What people say, to me, about me, or about others is not about me, it’s about them. Sure, some days that’s hard, but in the end, I just give it to the universe. I’m far happier now.

Stepping out of my comfort zone.

When I get complacent, I’m not achieving or doing things to help me grow, so I exercise stepping out of my comfort zone. Doing this frequently has helped me see that I am actually capable of so much more than I would have given myself credit for.


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Being true to yourself.

Cassandra D September 25, 2019

Happiness to me means friends family and love

Jenny Ham September 25, 2019

Being content as you are.

Amanda Saltsman September 25, 2019

#LivYourTrueSelf means to be happy with yourself inside and out no matter what people say!

Dani September 23, 2019

Happiness is living in the moment and being grateful. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow isn’t promised so I try to find something to be thankful for now. When I find myself reacting to negativity I try and remember that I am responsible for my own reactions and try to breathe through it!

kathy September 23, 2019

Personally, I find happiness by the simple acceptance of being myself, flaws and all. By living your true self, you don’t have to worry about other’s conflicting opinions anymore which allows you to live freely and happily!☺️

Sandra September 21, 2019

I love this question. I find little moments of happiness everyday. I see a lot of fake people out there that are not their true self because they even lie to themselves.

samantha September 21, 2019

Happiness is being content with who you are.

Marge September 21, 2019

To me, happiness is taking time to reflect on life before react. Is it kind and necessary? then go ahead!

Kayte CookWatts September 20, 2019

#LivYourTrueSelf means to me to not be a fake, don’t act like others just to fit in. You are your own individual, and you should own it! The right people will love you, as you, regardless.

Mya Murphy September 20, 2019

Happiness is being in love ❤️

Chris Nash September 20, 2019

Happiness is being at peace and being content.

Sherika Scott September 20, 2019

#LivYourTrueSelf is loving yourself inside and out, not caring about what people think of you, just being that b!

Mahogany Radford September 18, 2019

Happiness to me means bringing a smile on someone’s face.. making them smile a little #LivYourTrueSelf

Amruta Kunchurkar September 18, 2019

Living well means being grateful and sharing happiness to others!

Amy Tong September 17, 2019

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