Today we're sharing a post from one of our wicked ambassadors.

Jacklyn, is one hell of an amazing person. A brilliant photographer, and a mental health warrior. Her perspective is likely one that we can all understand.

Jacklyn deals with the pressures of her work, deadlines, being a woman, paying bills, finding paying clients, and she also deals with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, which she openly discusses.

She wants to also create a self-love healing workshop which will enable young girls and women to find their confidence and courage through photography, mindfulness and working with women owned businesses, that share their own experiences and help to lead.

These are some of the reasons we partnered with her. Jacklyn certainly embodies our values, and goals. Empowering women, and people is absolutely where we're going, and we're happy to work with others who think the way we do.

We sent out some product, information, and she wrote a blog post sharing her thoughts about mental health, HIVE's CBD drops, and we thought we'd share with you!

Is this a good quote? You all know about my mental health journey and how I’m constantly on the search looking for something to help me live life as normal as possible. A few years back, I tried a CBD oil for about 6 months and it had no effects on me. This left me extremely disheartened and I stopped trying to find a natural way to control my anxiety. I know it sounds like I gave up too quickly but having a mental illness is no joke and when something you’ve given so much hope into doesn’t work, it’s a heavy emotion to bear...
You can read more on her blog Jacklyn Lune Photos.

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