Research Discovers Benefits of CBD for Your Skin

We're excited to see that research is slowly discovering the benefits of CBD for your skin! We were reading this article, Beyond Skin-Deep: Research Discovers CBD Oil Benefits for Your Skin 

Part of our excitement, is due to the fact that we sell CBD products. The other part is because we BELIEVE in CBD. Our entire team uses CBD!

We use CBD drops to help us focus, and sleep, we use CBD muscle and joint creams after our workouts, and we use CBD skincare because we know we could use products that help moisturize and repair our body's largest organ!

Why the Skin Care Industry Loves CBD Oil for Skin Care

As your body’s largest organ, your skin is a major reflection of your health and lifestyle. Acne, eczema, aging and sun damage not only cause insecurity, but also pesky (or dangerous) health issues.

If you think you’re all alone when it comes to itchy or problematic skin, think again. The American Academy of Dermatology reports the following statistics for common skin conditions:

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