OLEO - CBD Raspberry Tea Mix (Individual)


25mg (Cannabidiol) per serving | 6 count

0.34oz (9.5g) per serving - 2.1oz net weight

Carry the helpful benefits of CBD everywhere you go in an easy to mix packet. Energize your day with this caffeinated Raspberry Rooibos Tea Mix.

How to use OLEO CBD Raspberry Tea Mix:
Simply add the contents of the packet to 8oz. of water to make the perfect relaxing drink.

Why we love it:
OLEO easy to use, pre-measured packets are easy to make and great to take anywhere you go. The delicious essence of raspberry combined with OleoCBD™ brings a powerful vitality to this elixir.

What's in it: 
A contrast of the gently sweet flavor with a rich blend of rooibos & black tea extract. Each On-The-Go packet contains 25mg of highly bioaccessible OleoCBD™.

OLEO Lab Test Results
We work with partners who maintain regular product tests to ensure top product quality and industry requirements.

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