Oleo Passion Fruit CBD Tea Mix (10 Serving Jar)


250mg CBD (Cannabidiol) | 25mg CBD per serving

3.5oz net weight

Get the helpful benefits of CBD with the relaxing taste of real rooibos & black tea. Take a sip and enjoy the savory Mediterranean citrus notes that compliment this delicious tea.

How to use OLEO CBD Passion Fruit Tea Mix:
Simply add one scoop (single serving) to 8oz. of water to make the perfect relaxing drink.

Why we love it:
Each drink is bursting with the flavor of fresh tangerines and infused with 25mg highly bioaccessible OleoCBD™.

What's in it: 
Each serving contains 25mg highly bioaccessible OleoCBD™ to give you a well deserved, and relaxing break in your day.

OLEO Lab Test Results
We work with partners who maintain regular product tests to ensure top product quality and industry requirements.

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